Friday, 18 December 2015

Words for midwife

Words for midwife collected in my travels this year:

English:   Midwife           
mid – wife, means being with – woman

French:    Sagefemme            
sage – femme, means wise-woman

Italian:    Levatrice:             
leva, means to grow, from alevare / lavare,
trice – is the feminine ending in Italian,
thus, “the growing one” 
or “the one who supports growth (in the feminine)”

German:   Hebamme            
heban, to hold
Amme – the “wet nurse,” woman who nurses the babies (not her own),
thus, “the holding and nursing woman” 
or “the woman who holds and nurses others (mother and baby)”

Japanese:   Jo-san-pu       
pu – means woman, signified by the character for a “broom,” used to purify the space for worship of ancestors,
thus, “woman carrying out noble activities”
or "woman preparing space for new life from the ancestors"

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